THUD — that was the sound of my chin hitting the floor

I like the Chicago Tribune. It’s a fabulous source of information. It’s always been considered the most “serious” of the Chicago Newspapers.

Now, editorially the Trib has often be contrary to what I think — but that’s okay. Well thought out reasonable decisions are good, even if they don’t agree with me.

The Chicago Tribune was first published in 1847. To give an idea of how long ago that was, The Chicago Cubs have won two world series since then. And we all know how long THAT has been. Seriously though — the newspaper is 161 years old (and another 161 years the Cubs might win another world series or two).

In that ENTIRE 161 years, the Chicago Tribune has *NEVER* I repeat *NEVER* endorsed a Democratic Presidential candidate.


Until today, you can read about it here.

Or — as one of the comments said

Do I see porcine aviation outside my window??

HMmmm — I wonder — if a newspaper endorses *ONE* Democratic presidential candidate every 161 years, does that make it a member of the so called “liberal media”???


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