Just curious

This is sort of related to the Presidential (and Vice-Presidential) debates.

Obama, McCain, and Palin all have “young” children (under 21).  Biden’s kids are grown so we won’t count them for now.

So – as we know sometimes when candidates are in debates they are asked direct questions, and they do not answer the direct questions.

AND — while Obama’s kids are probably too young to follow politics, some of Palin’s are old enough and McCain’s are old enough.

And how do you come home from that.

Candidate:  Kid, where’d you go and what did you do and who did you do it with

Kid: Dad (or mom) I need some new shoes.

Candidate: Kid, I asked you a direct question.

Kid: What’s for dinner

All I can say is that today the Princess is showing that she is ALL ready to do a political debate (and I may never find out what happened to the Sharpie)


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