Learning from mistakes

I take pride in learning from my mistakes.  I often like to say that I don’t need to make the same mistake twice when there are so many new and creative mistakes to make.

And, sometimes I like to learn from mistakes that other people make.  Why do something stupid that someone else has already done.

That said, a discovery was made at my house the other day, and I invite all of you to learn from this.

IF you take a banana, and you put it in a child’s school backpack, and you do NOT put the banana in anything (for instance a lunch box or a ziploc bag) and said child can’t find or forgets about the banana, and then said child rides the bus home while still wearing her backpack …..

I don’t think that Spouse will ever do that again, and I’m certainly planning to learn from that particular error.

Why have I had these on my mind …

Maybe I’ll make some banana squash this weekend.


One response to “Learning from mistakes

  1. Mmmmm, the smell of smushed banana in a backpack! Not to mention the feel of it! Happy Lesson Learned!

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