Audacious Hope — it’s next year

Bet with that title you might think I’m talking about one of the presidential candidates. Not this time. For some reason, today, while sitting watching the end of a baseball game, I had a feeling that I’ve never had before (and I’ve been watching the Cubs play since as long as I can remember). I got the sudden, intense feeling that this year, the rug is not going to get pulled out from under me. Many (many many many many) times in my life I’ve said “next year is here,” without actually believing it. It was lip service. I said what I was supposed to be saying but never really thought. But this year, it’s like all that doesn’t matter and goats are totally irrelevant and I have a feeling I’ve never had before.

So I’m not going to say “next year is here” because I’ve said that before …

It’s gonna happen

If the Red Sox can do it, then so can we.

(Plus – an excuse to put another video of a Steve Goodman song on my blog — I mean how can I resist).

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One response to “Audacious Hope — it’s next year

  1. Go Cubbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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