I’m glad we have them but ….

You know — the United States Coast Guard is just a wonderful group and they do great things and I’m glad they are part of our country and I don’t mind some of my tax money going to them.

BUT (ah yes – you knew there’d be a but), I’m thinking there are some people around that owe them (and, as taxpayers, us) some money. Excerpts from the Telegraph

The arrival of what was feared to be one of the worst storms to strike Texas for decades prompted fears for the lives of thousands of residents who were trapped in the coastal city of Galveston, after defying orders to evacuate.

Defying orders to evacuate. Peoples were ordered to evacuate and decided that “what me??? you don’t mean ME do you??? )

Hundreds of desperate emergency calls were made from people stranded in their homes by rapidly rising flood waters. Their plight was a terrifying reminder of events in New Orleans three years ago when many residents drowned in their upper floors and attics in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

DUH – if you’da listened the first time you wouldn’t need to be calling.

An estimated 40 per cent of Galveston’s residents defied warnings to evacuate or risk death. But many ended up calling for help, endangering the lives of emergency workers who had already staged a series of dramatic rescues as the storm approached. “It’s unfortunate that the warnings were not heeded,” said Galveston city manager Steve LeBlanc.

40%???? 40% of the residents of Galveston think that it’s okay to risk the lives of the rescue workers?

In the beach community of Surfside, Texas, police came to the rescue of some desperate residents trapped in a rubbish truck as the streets disappeared under water. Two people who refused help were advised to write their names and social security numbers on their arms in waterproof ink, in case their bodies were found floating later.

Now there’s a good idea. Instead of evacuating people give people a choice — either leave town or we’ll be distributing Sharpie’s to everyone to make identification easier.

Coast Guard rescuers used helicopters to pluck 200 people from homes and cars caught in the waves. Officials also reported residents clambering up telephone poles to stay dry until they could be reached by boats.

I keep thinking the USCG (and/or the National Guard and/or any publicly funded rescue operation) should say “okay sir/maam, before we give you a ride will that be cash, check, credit card, or debit card.”


3 responses to “I’m glad we have them but ….

  1. And not only did 40% not evacuate, a good number of them spent the night partying….
    great combination……drunk people in a hurricane.

  2. I could not agree more. Great post.

  3. There is a photograph on the front page of our Sunday paper of an elderly woman being rescued by a crew of workers, because she ignored the call to evacuate. I am disgusted. I sure hope they go after those people they had to rescue to pay for those efforts. I completely agree.

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