This goes out to Ragtop Day and any else wondering about dogs

I don’t know why — I responded to your post about whether or not to get a dog. I responded, at length, twice and for some reason they just didn’t go through.

So I’m going to just answer the question in front of the entire world.

A single mom of two kids wonders whether or not she should get a dog.

And honey — I have an answer for you (I always have answers — they may not always be the right answer).

So I’m going to knock some sense into you.

If you had any time or desire, and you went back through my blog, you’d find I’m a fan of reusing and recycling not only plastic and metal — but also fur. It doesn’t bother me if a pet is preowned :}. In a way it’s better, if you go to a reputable dog rescue, most of the time dogs are fostered in their homes and the rescue workers really have a good solid idea of the animals they are caring for and their personalities and whether or not they get along with kids.

Ragtop Day mentioned wanting an allergy-free dog. From what I’ve heard — sometimes when you get the designer breed puppies they don’t necessarily carry the most desired traits that you might want (so make sure the puppy it truly non allergenic before you get it home and fall in love — I’m just sayin’).

Me, I love mutts and think that mutts are the best dogs in the world …….

with the exception of fuzzybutt

90 pounds of extra fur coat

(and of course, your Cavalier).

Good places to find “used” pets are petfinder, adoptapet (formerly known as 1-800-saveapet) and since you’re looking for something that’s low allergy there’s a New England Poodle Rescue. Something I’ve discovered is that it’s really hard to look at pets pictures and descriptions and not run off and bring them right home. But maybe that’s just me — I’m a sucker for big brown eyes.

Now, with all that said I still haven’t answered the question — should you get a dog. (New, used, reused).

Well, let’s go through the list here.

  1. No matter what your kids say — they will not take care of the dog — you’re stuck with it. They’ll eventually be in middle school, high school, college. They’ll have homework and after school activities and boyfriends and other such stuff. They won’t have time.
  2. And you can’t take it with you — when you go on vacation you’ll have to board it. Do you know what boarding costs?
  3. Do you know what vet bills cost?
  4. How about heartworm medication? Or flea treatment??
  5. Dog food — not really cheap (unless you get some little bitty thing — maybe like a Chihuahua)??
  6. And spot remover if the dog is not housebroken??
  7. The kids will fight over the dog. Both kids will be ignoring the dog for hours, and then one of them will go to pet the dog and then the other will have the idea that they wanted to be with the dog and — you know the rest. I mean I have a 90 pound collie — you’d think there’s enough dog to go around but nooooooooooooooooo.

Now — let’s list reasons to get a dog.

  1. Well, if you have a dog, you’ll have one living being in your house that will listen to you. With kids around it’s a wonderful change of pace.

So — the score is 7 to 1.

Me, I say get the dog. Having someone listen to you is worth the cost.

(And let’s face it the dog will listen to the kids too – when the kids tease them and the boyfriend breaks up with them and the teacher gives too much homework and mom likes my sister best — the dog will listen to the kids and each of them will think the dog is their best friend).

HINT: if you really want a Chihuahua I’d suggest waiting until about 2-3 months after Christmas. Disney is coming out with a new dog movie in November. All these little kids are going to be BEGGING mom and dad for a dog just like Papi. About 2-3 months after Christmas people are going to discover …

  1. Chihuahuas are not good dogs with kids and
  2. those kids that were begging are not taking care of the dog.

The shelters will be filled.


4 responses to “This goes out to Ragtop Day and any else wondering about dogs

  1. Wow, I don’t know what to say! A whole post devoted to me! I’m honored, humbled and a bit embarrassed. I’m non-confrontational by design, and I never intended for so much attention.

    I want to thank you for your well thought out post devoted to my questions! Which was me thinking out loud as much as anything. I think. I should probably post my own reply, and maybe I will eventually.

    I’ve been a dog owner in the past, so I know a lot of what is involved. What would be different this time is that I also have children, so my life is much more complicated. I am under no illusions that the kids will do more than token taking care of any pet – I know if we get a dog, the dog is my responsibility. And as a control freak at heart, I’m completely OK with that. Obviously my kids would have some age-appropriate jobs surrounding pet care, but as the adult the ultimate care rests with me.

    I have always been a mutt kinda girl. Even my Cavalier was a mutt – my boyfriend got him from a neighbor before I met him, and thought he was a Pekingese. Until a day I was looking through a dog book and saw a picture of my dog — and it was a Cavalier. I have already perused more web sites – breeders, rescue and humane society – and it really IS hard not to rush in and take them all home.

    Funny how a list can have 7 reasons why not, and 1 reason why, and the reason why outweighs all those nots.

    I’m still deciding how it all weighs out for us, with all this entails. But I want to thank you, again, for your thoughts and for taking the time to care. About me, my family, and the dogs.

  2. I checked out the New England Poodle Rescue and was getting all excited (there was even a 5 year old Maltipoo I was maybe interested in), until their application process states they will not adopt out to homes with children under 10. Bummer.

  3. I want you to know I have become obsessed with the Adopt-a-Pet site! I even applied to adopt one of the puppies I found on the site, and yet I keep looking.

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