Is this a “gross” post???

12 years ago today, I gave birth for the first (and hopefully last) time.  Today I present to you a dozen things you might like to know about my dozen year old.  (Bear with me — I haven’t outlined this writing, and I have no idea how I’m going to come up with 12 things — wish me luck)

  1. He enjoys playing chess, and has over a dozen chess trophies.
  2. He really enjoys playing video games and computer games, and I’m sure if I let him he could play for a dozen hours without stopping.
  3. His most oft said phrase is just one more level.  I’d bet he says it a dozen times a day.
  4. This year he has been placed in our school district’s gifted program.  (And the class size for his core courses is less than 2 dozen).
  5. He didn’t really start eating solids until he over a dozen months old.  This didn’t concern me, or his doctor (after I changed doctor’s — but that’s another story).  He had tasted things here and there but didn’t really eat with much gusto.  At the time I kept telling experts (like grandma) that were concerned that there was nothing to worry about, and that I was sure that someday he’d start eating us out of house and home.  A dozen years later, he pretty much eats us out of house and home.  Okay like I’m glad that he’s not still nursing and all, but DANG it was a heck of a lot cheaper.
  6. He has inherited his mother’s love for CHOCOLATE!!!!
  7. He gladly and willingly will do anything I request of him.  Okay – that is once I remind him that I’m the mom, and he lives in my house rent free.
  8. He has inherited his mother’s wry sense of humor, and enjoys things like Lemony Snicket books and Weird Al music.
  9. He’s bound and determined to win.  When he gets a new video or computer game he’ll fixate on it until he reaches the highest level.  This is both a good and bad trait.
  10. He does his homework without being bugged.  I don’t know why — I know that not every 12 year old boy does this.  I’m not complaining though.
  11. He is not at all interested in being involved in any team sports (soccer, football, baseball, basketball).  As this saves me time and money, I haven’t pushed it.
  12. He does, however, love golf and is a pretty good player.  Spouse and I have mentioned that it is possible to get a golf scholarship to a college.

NOTE: The “most off said phrase” has not be scientifically proven — but I’m thinking it’s pretty close.

3 responses to “Is this a “gross” post???

  1. Wow this was very creative! Very nice post.

  2. Happy Birthday young man! Last year before he’s a TEENAGER… enjoy it!

  3. Happy birthday to him!!

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