You know — it’s a really good question

Many (many many) people are talking about Sarah Palin and her pregnant teenage daughter.  It’s quite the water cooler conversation.

Today someone brought up a point (in a real life personal conversation I had, so I can’t even link to it).

A lot has been said about the abstinence only education and such.

I don’t know where Sarah Palin’s children are actually “living” while she’s being governor, whether the first family of Alaska is in Juneau (the state capitol) or in Wasilla.  But here’s a couple of points.

The population of Juneau, Alaska is around 35,000

The population of Wasilla, Alaska is (depending on where you look) somewhere between 5500 and 9800 (seriously — look it up on Wikipedia).  Either way, both are pretty small towns.

And, having lived in smaller communities, I can tell you this much.  EVERYONE knows what EVERYONE else is doing.

Now, whether we’re talking about a town of 5,000 or 35,000 we’re still talking a small population, where everyone is in everyone else’s business.  And I’m sure the state’s Governor has more than her share of life under the microscope.

So — seriously — could the boyfriend of the first daughter really GO into a drugstore and BUY a condom??  Not unless they want the entire state to know what they’re up to.


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