Maybe he’s a bloody genius after all

Ever since McCain sucked all the air out of Obama’s post DNC address by announcing his Veep choice of Sarah Palin, people have been talking about her, and her stance on birth control, and her pregnant daughter. In my (not so) humble opinion, not enough people have been talking about her fiscal weakness for hunters, or her paying people to brutally and illegally murder wolves (yeah, I cried when Bambi died too so I’m a sucker for big brown eyes).

But — as my gal pal over at Dispatches From the Valley of the Nerds points out – for the past week this pick has successfully kept people from talking about anything of substance.

(A quote from her, from her comments section)

True enough. It’s just scary to me how close to the election we are. Sometimes I feel like I should walk around wearing a sandwich board with “War! Economy! Infrastructure!” on one side and “Civil rights! NCLB! Environment!” on the other.

Cause if we sit down and take time to talk about the issues I think many folks in the country can come to the agreement that we do NOT want four more years of McSame the same.  (I think that’s a safe statement — George’s approval rating is what — somewhere around 30% give or take — I’m thinking people are ready to stick a fork in this administration and call it done.)

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