So – how’s that working for you so far.

FIRST — I totally agree with the statement that Obama made yesterday that family — and especially children — should be left out of politics. On a specific, personal level. But on a broader level, I was reading an article in the Chicago Tribune, and I was struck (not for the first time) by the marked contrast in this ….

Surprise pregnancy has Republicans off balance

So — Republicans are in Twin Cities watching Hurricane coverage.

Meanwhile, word spread quickly through the hall that the 17-year-old daughter of Sen. John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is pregnant and plans to marry the father.

Okay — pregnant teen, not the first time, won’t be the last.

blah blah blah ….

blah blah blah blah blah…..

later in article

It was a lot of drama for a day with little action onstage. In their brief afternoon session, Republicans appointed committees, approved a platform—which supports abstinence education in schools—and watched video messages from Gulf state governors.

blah blah blah and still later

Palin addressed teen pregnancy prevention in her 2006 run for governor, indicating on a questionnaire that she favored abstinence-until-marriage education over explicit sex education programs, school-based clinics and condom distribution in schools. The high school that Bristol Palin attended for part of last year, Wasilla High School, teaches abstinence in health class, its principal said.

While abstinence is a sure fire way to prevent pregnancy and spread of sexual transmitted diseases, it only works when used 100% of the time.

I (thankfully) have (only) a vague recollection of what it was like to be a teenager with rampaging hormones. While abstinence might be an ounce of prevention — I think it’s likely that two ounces of prevention (or three) like abstinence and condoms (or birth control pills or …) might be worth 10 pounds of disposable diapers.

I’m just sayin’


4 responses to “So – how’s that working for you so far.

  1. Amen!

    Of course, I’ve got no room to talk. I taught my daughter about birth control pills, and I even went with her to the gynecologist for her first visit and gave my permission for her to get on the pill. That worked for her teenage years. Then, when she was 21, I broke the news to her that she was an adult and she was now responsible for making her own doctor appointments and taking care of stuff like that. After all, when I was in college I had to take care of getting my own birth control, and I had the extra disadvantage of having to do it without my parents finding out. I thought my daughter was responsible enough to take care of it herself. I was wrong. She was just too darn lazy (or whatever) to pick up the phone and make an appointment with her doctor to renew her prescription.


  2. Um, YES. It is so ignorant to think that Sex Education programs don’t include Abstinence Education! Can’t we be informed AND make good decisions for ourselves? Of course I live in Kansas where they want to teach Creationism in schools too — wish I wasn’t too lazy to homeschool…

  3. Unfortunately, even with all of the information about birth control we still have “surprise” babies. Nothing will change that–society is too lazy :(.

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