And yet, he doesn’t frighten me

So I’m listening to Obama’s acceptance speech and I’m having some thoughts.

He is a powerful powerful speaker. We’ve had very few powerful speakers in national politics lately. I think the last speaker I can remember being so powerful and so able to draw me in was Jesse Jackson. But — Jesse Jackson had that “preacher” power to his speaking. And the “preacher” power scares me. There’s a fine line between a powerful speaker and being brainwashed. To me, Obama doesn’t cross that line.

Democrats (at least the democrats at the convention) want higher pay for teachers, and they don’t want jobs AND tax cuts to go overseas.


We can not meet 21st Century challenges with a 20th Century bureaucracy

In today’s news, we heard about McCain’s pick for his running mate.  I haven’t heard much about Sarah Palin (though I like her first name :} – you agree mamasara?) but I will say this much.

The Veep (as we know) is one heartbeat away from the President.  So by choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has now basically cut himself off from citing Obama’s inexperience as a campaign issue.


One response to “And yet, he doesn’t frighten me

  1. Considering Obama’s voting record or lake thereof as an absentee senator vs. Palin’s record as a working governor with international negotiation experience, I’m thinking the “inexperience” question is best left unasked.

    Sigh, if only I could agree with the lovely Sarah P. on the issues…

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