pissing off the old killjoys

My pal over at The Den of All Things Dave pointed out (as has been pointed out to her by other people) that the American Family Association is currently promoting a boycott of Hallmark greeting cards because Hallmark had the audacity marketing savvy to be the first to come out with same sex marriage greeting cards. So my pal, crazywritinfool, has taken advantage of the automated and convenient feature that the AFA has put out to send Hallmark a note of appreciation for offering the service.

Me?? I’m on board with crazywritinfool (cause she’s crazy, and cause she’s a fool, and a person is known by the company they keep or the blogs that they read) and you could be too by clicking on this link to the AFA and completely reediting the note in the box to basically state the exact opposite of what it says.

Think of it this way — not only will you be giving kudos to Hallmark for the new line of greeting cards, you’ll also be taking advantage of the lovely services of the AFA (to do exactly what they don’t want done).

By the way — if’n you want to cheat, here’s my text …

Dear Chairman Hall:

I am surprised that Hallmark is promoting an greeting cards for gay marriage. I’m surprised and thrilled. I just wish I knew a gay couple that was about to get married so I’d be able to purchase a card. I typically make my own greeting cards, but in the future I will make a point of purchasing Hallmark cards to support your business.



5 responses to “pissing off the old killjoys

  1. I borrowed your words and did what you said, except I changed it because I know many Gays and Lesbians looking into getting married…one of them being my Aunt and her partner of 30+ years and I told them I would make sure to go out and buy a Hallmark card for them. 🙂

  2. Great idea, although I would be shocked if AFA doesn’t screen the emails and decline to send positive ones to Hallmark. So, if you want to be sure Hallmark gets your message, I’d email them yourself.
    I like the idea of forcing AFA to wade through lots of dissenting email, though. May they be swamped.
    Also note that they automatically sign you up for their email list if you take advantage of their service, so be prepared for holier-than-thou spam.

  3. THAT. Is. Hilarious! I must join in the fun.

  4. I like your style! I will definitely do this – thanks for the tip!

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