It happened at church — must be a miracle

Today was the beginning of our church’s fall calendar. We started up Sunday School again (we have the summer off Sunday School), we started a new children’s chapel curriculum, and Jr. and Sr. High Youth Fellowship started up again.

Since Chip is now in Jr. High he was forced got to go to youth fellowship today.

I picked him up after 90 minutes of youth fellowship, asked him what happened, and we had a conversation in the car.

Read that again carefully

We had a conversation!!!!

I mean I asked him what happened and the boy actually talked in sentences. Not even sentence (which would have been amazing) but sentences plural.

He’s your typical non communicative preteen, and most conversations are rather one-sided

“how was school”


“Got any homework”


“what’d you do at friend’s house”


So I got home and reported this to Spouse – he was equally shocked that Chip talked in sentences.


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