Olympics judging

When Spouse and I were watching gymnastics there was some controversy about the scores given to some of the gymnasts.

And I looked at Spouse and reminded him that never before, in the history of the Olympic games, has there ever been a controversy about scoring. And it wouldn’t matter anyway because people don’t remember these things.

(Torvill and Dean win Olympic Bronze in 1994. THEY WAS ROBBED and yes, I can nurse a grudge longer than I can nurse a kid.)


2 responses to “Olympics judging

  1. This year is nothing. Remember in Athens when that Russian high-bar guy got too low a score and the crowd booed for about 15 minutes and literally pressured the judges into changing it?

    I don’t believe all those Chinese girls are 16, though.

  2. You know it’s bad when the Chinese audience boos the judges for scores they thought were too low for the American!!

    And yes, I remember Torville and Dean. and YES, they was robbed!!!! Ice skating is worse than gymnastics in scoring controversies.

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