I want to vote *FOR* you

This message goes out to John McCain, and Barack Obama.In November, when I go into a voting booth, I want to vote FOR someone. Not against someone. I’m kind of tired of hearing what’s “wrong” with “the other guy” and I want you to tell me what’s RIGHT with you.


Dear Mr. McCain — I’ve seen the following television commercial and I have two comments.

  1. You are not telling me why I should vote for you. You are only telling me why I should not vote for the other guy.
  2. The first 10 seconds of the commercial (the time between when I realize there’s a commercial and the time I hit the fast forward button on my VCR remote) all I see are images of your opponent and all I hear is his name over and over and over again. Is THAT a good way to spend money???

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Dear Mr. Obama

You too dear — spend your money telling me what you got for me — not how many houses the other guy has.

NOTE: I have never lost track of how many houses I’ve owned in my life.  Three houses, one piece of land.  Never more than two mortgages at a time, and then only for a few months during a move or something.

SEVEN FLIPPING HOUSES!!!  And he doesn’t know how many he owns???


One response to “I want to vote *FOR* you

  1. Yeah, I know. I gave up on the notion of an all positive campaign after watching those Olympic add buys. We saw what happened in ’04 when Kerry refused to smack back. I’m glad Obama is pushing back. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do and the sad fact is that the damn voting public seems to respond to the negative crap.

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