Be Like Mike Gatorade Commercial

Hmmmm, seems to me a lot of kids are saying this — with a new Mike in mind.

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And I’m thinking that’s not such a bad thing. A guy who worked through his issues with ADD and gives his momma the flowers he gets. (His momma done raised him right.)

And this morning, I woke with the realization that this guy is probably set for life.  I mean in the aftermath of the Olympics I’m sure he’ll get a few spokesperson gigs (I’m expecting to see the Wheaties box any day now) and he’ll surely be able to be a swim coach for life.

And he’ll probably never have to wear a tie and sit behind a desk for 8 hours.

He(hockey sticks) I want to be like Mike.


One response to “Be Like Mike Gatorade Commercial

  1. I want to be like Mike too!

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