turn of a phrase

Every now and then when I’m reading something (or listening to something) I run across a phrase or sentence or paragraph that just sticks out as significant or profound or truthful or something.  I figured I’d start adding some of those here just — well cause why not.

So today I was reading this article in the local paper, it was about the advantages of listening to podcasts (at least you don’t have commercials) and how far podcasts have come in the past few years.  I found the following personally relevant …..

I’ve tried listening only to CDs, but it’s amazing how quickly I tire of my own collection. Not to mention, dealing with CDs in the car is a real pain. By the end of a trip, some of them are in the passenger seat, some are under the driver’s seat and some, usually my favorite artist’s best album, won’t play anymore.

I’ve tried sitting in silence, but no man should be alone with his thoughts on the Kennedy Expressway at 5:30 p.m. It can only lead to violence.

Yeah — I’m with you there honey.


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