Does anyone else notice??? Does anyone else care??

“Back in the day” (1972) Steve Goodman wrote and recorded a song called City of New Orleans. Some consider this to be the best train song ever written.

This song was originally brought to national interest when it was a hit recording for Arlo Guthrie. And this song has also been covered by (from wikipedia) Willie Nelson, John Denver, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, The Seldom Scene, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, David Hasselhoff, Back Porch Mary, and others (others including Chet Atkins, Peter Seeger, and The Highwaymen — but I guess if both Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash covered this it’s not that much of a stretch for the Highwaymen to cover it, eh).  Even Jimmy Buffett has done it (Live at Wrigley Field)

??? David Hasselhoff ??? David Hasselhoff has recorded music?? Whoonew

Anyway — I’ve heard a version or two of this music and I find myself, whenever I heard this (as background music while shopping or whatever), trying to determine which version I’m listening to.

And I’m just wondering if anyone else on the planet even cares what background music is playing, as well as which version of an over recorded song.


One response to “Does anyone else notice??? Does anyone else care??

  1. Ooo yeah, it drives me ape when I hear a bad cover version, but oh I loves me some good covers. If it’s good I won’t hear anything else until I figure out who’s doing it. Still, if you want to stay on my good side, don’t cover the Beatles. Please.

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