Hot and sweaty

Man it’s hot in Beijing.  I have two questions …

1) respond as to what you plan to watch/record

2) I don’t have a Tivo but I know you can record shows or (I guess) keywords — is “Michael Phelps” a command for Tivo??


4 responses to “Hot and sweaty

  1. Doubtful that we will DVR anything. But we will watch the prime time catch up every night and I will turn it on in the am while I get ready for work.

  2. Men’s 400 meter. Equestrian. Diving.

  3. My hubby is an Olympics ADDICT. The TV has been on 24/7 since yesterday evening, which drives me nuts but I love him, and he loves the Olympics, so I deal with it. Right now we’re enjoying a little women’s beach volleyball. Rowr!

  4. I like to watch the olympics, unless I have anything better to do . . . and I mean anything! It ends up being background noise for me most of the time. No DVR activitiy.

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