You used to play it

Remember that game — hot potato (see how I work in the “hot” theme).  There’d be a circle of people passing around a something to represent the “hot potato” and whoever was caught holding the potato when the music stopped was out.

Well, often on Thursday mornings I play a game similar to that.  Except there’s no music and whoever is caught holding the something is the winner.

The craft group at my church meets on Thursday mornings.  Once a year we hold a craft fair, where we make money by bringing in vendors and selling the crafts that we’ve made throughout the year.  We’ve been doing this for many years, and most years we make more money than the year before so it’s quite the successful venture.  In order to make the items that our group sells at the craft fair we have a group that meets weekly to make crafts.

Well, we say that we meet to make crafts.  Actually we meet to see around a jabber and then we go out to lunch, and often during the jabbering crafts get made.  Being artistic or handy or crafty is not a prerequisite to being in craft group.  Being able to jabber and go to lunch are the only prerequisites.

One of the ways that we attract new members to our group — specifically mothers of small children — is that we make money for missionswe prayerfully and graciously create items of beauty to glorify our Lord —  we supply free babysitting during the craft time (of course, the babysitting gets paid for out of the funds that are earned during the craft fair).   Of course, with infants sometimes infants need to come to the storage room in the basement without a window craft room in order to get fed.  It is not unusual for a child, having been satiated by mom, to then become the something in our favorite game — pass the baby.

Ramblingmom LOVES to play Pass The Baby.  ESPECIALLY when the baby belongs to someone else and can go back to mom when baby gets hungry/poopy/wet/hungry.

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