Nope — not hot today — WET

In August, 2001 a couple of things happened in China. One, the girl who would eventually become the Princess of the Minivan Lane was born, and went to the Chuzhou Child Welfare Institute. The other happening was that an organization called Half The Sky started their Infant Nurture program and Little Sisters preschool program, also at the Chuzhou Child Welfare Institute.

For the next 2 years and 4 months, the Chuzhou “family” of my Princess took excellent care of her, and I am eternally grateful to the folks there for the great nurturing that was received by my Princess, and also to Half the Sky for making that possible. Since the Princess was abandoned when she was a day or two old, I consider the Chuzhou CWI to be her first “family,” and as such they are part of my extended family.

So I’m telling you this now because? And what does the WET refer to??

Well, August comes around every year, and this year August came about to Chuzhou (in Anhui province in Eastern China) and with August came rains, torrential rains, and what sometimes comes with rain, flooding.

A lot of flooding. I got news of this via Half The Sky. Director Dou of the Chuzhou CWI sent a fax to Half the Sky — here is that message …

Report on Condition of Flooding in Chuzhou
Dear HTS,

There was a sudden downpour from 8 pm of August 1 to August 2 in Chuzhou
City. Up to 8 am of August 2, the rainfall was 428.5 millimeters. Most of
Chuzhou city was flooded and traffic was blocked. The situation of our
institution was particularly devastating; 40 per cent of institution’s
total area was flooded; the dining hall was completely submerged; all the
interior facilities were badly damaged. Preliminary statistics shows that it
has resulted in more than RMB 200,000 loss.

After the disaster, our institution take all effective measures to organize
our own rescue efforts; we have transported lots of valuable materials out
of perilous conditions, and all the children have got proper settlement. At
present, we badly need food and drugs. As the rain is still falling, the
condition may be more severe. We will keep HTS posted about the condition in
the following days.

Chuzhou Children Welfare Institution
August 2, 2008

So — now I’m going to ask of you.

If you’re the type that prayers, send your prayers to Director Dou and the rest of the folks at Chuzhou, dry prayers, safe prayers, and clean and well fed prayers.

If you’d like to send other things — good thoughts, warm wishes, whatever, please do so.

If, however, you’d like to do something a bit more substantial, well, you can send food or medicine, but you CAN, if you want, send a donation to Half the Sky. If you put a message in saying Chuzhou Flooding *ALL* the funds will be sent directly to Chuzhou.

From an adoptive parent perspective, China has had more than enough challenges in this past year. The winter, the earthquake, and now this flood. It has rather tapped the resources of Half the Sky, and those that regularly donate. So it’s time to stretch out and ask some other folks. So on the off chance that you have an extra buck or two around (yeah, right, in this economy) feel free to click on this link. And you, too, can be a hero…


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