Lake Minniegon

Welcome to Lake Minniegon (a play on minivan and Wobegon) where all of the children are above average.

No — really I’m not kidding — all of the children ARE above average.  At least all of the 6th graders.

Chip is going into 6th grade — and he’s recently qualified for (and we’ve accepted a place) a place in a program called PI+.  It’s a magnet program for the top 2% of the population between grades 4 and 8.

That’s the top 2% people.  And as we live in an area with pretty high quality schools — that the top 2% of the top of the barrel.  So it’s no mean feat.

Or is it???

Currently on Minivan Ct. there are 20 school age (k-12) kids.  Of those kids there are 3 that are 6th graders.

Of those three kids — Chip, SweetChick, and KidNye — SweetChick has been in PI+ for one year, Chip was just accepted, and KidNye tested into it but his parents decided not to have him go because he has Asperger’s syndrome and there’s no support for someone with his distinct lack of organizational skills in that group in the Jr. High (all the IEP kids are in the same group — so all the support staff can be in the same group).

YEP — the minivan lane — where all the children ARE above average.


One response to “Lake Minniegon

  1. I just have to say that the service delivery method for special ed you described does not comply with the law. If the student is qualified for the gifted program, there should be a way to have the supports in place for him to benefit from it.

    From the school’s perspective, it makes sense to consolidate kids with special needs, but the IEP should meet the student’s needs, not just the school’s.

    Okay, off my soap box now. Congratulations again to Chip.

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