HOT dog

Good news/bad news/ good news.

Today I went out shopping and bought me a new toy …

I was excited to get home and maybe possibly didn’t quite close the door all the way.

A bit later, I wander into the kitchen and notice the door to the garage open, and the garage door open, and I also noticed the complete and total absence of …

90 pounds of extra fur coat

90 pounds of extra fur coat

So on a day when it’s 85 out — with a heat index of 90 — stupid idiot dog decides to wander the neighborhood.

Luckily neighbors from the next court over noticed him and rounded him up and called us.

And I wandered over, gathered the (stupid) dog, and brought him home to a long drink of water, and an even longer nap.

3 responses to “HOT dog

  1. We have been shopping for the Wii Fit for months now! Congratulations!

    I am so glad that your dog returned safely too.

  2. Let me know how the Wii fit works; I want one for my birthday.

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