Signal Boost – beach safety

This story (note there is a gloriously miraculous ending) deserves as much coverage as possible.

As does the follow up for the story found here.

If you don’t read either of those, however, you can read these beach safety tips from the second story.

I also want people to know that this kind of thing is totally preventable. It’s easy:
1 – Don’t dig holes deeper than waist-height of the shortest person around. The hole my son fell into was not terribly deep. But it was deep enough to swallow him up when it caved in.
2 – If you (or your children) do dig holes, fill them up when you’re done. That alone would’ve prevented our near-tragedy.
3 – When you arrive at the beach, scout out the area you will be setting up in, checking for holes. Teach your children to come tell you if they find holes other have dug, and to not play in or near them.
4 – Keep as sharp an eye on your children on the sand as you would in the water.

And, I suppose since this is a beach safety story, it can also be counted as part of the HOT HOT HOT topic for nablopomo for August.  But mostly if you read it and send it to all your friends and they send it to all their friends and just ONE person is a bit safer on the beach.


One response to “Signal Boost – beach safety

  1. Thanks for posting that. Your blog gets a lot more traffic than mine. Like you said, it’s nothing people would ever think of happening, so the more alert people can be about the possibility, the better.

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