It was JULY people — JULY

I ended July on a holiday note. Last Sunday it was HOT HOT HOT so Princess and I went to the family fun night at the pool. The theme was “Christmas in July” and the two big hits were the “sled hill” (which was a very large slip and slide that went all the way down the incline hill to the retention pond lake.  The big hit for the younger crowd was a visit with the man himself

Yep — the man was there – dressed for the weather.  (Didn’t I see him a couple of days before that at the Jimmy Buffett concert?  I know I saw lots of guys wearing shirts just like his.)

It was sort of surreal — as I my daughter was lined up to see the man, the pool was more crowded than I ever recall seeing it, holiday music was blaring from the speakers, and I was sitting and writing thank you cards for condolences for my father-in-law’s funeral.  As I told a neighbor — I think it worked really well because I was able to write the cards without over analyzing things.


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