More totally unpaid endorsements.

My gal pal over in the suburbs asked for unpaid endorsements. I’m only too glad to oblige. One that she gave that I’m more than glad to give a boost to is the best online bookstore, Chinaberry. (Note, the best bookstore in the world is a brick and mortar bookstore in my town, I’ve referred to it as the best indy bookstore, but I recant the limitation and will now state that it’s the best bookstore I’ve ever been in.  MIGHT be one or two better bookstores like in London or New York, but I’m real happy with Anderson‘s). I must admit that I have gotten many many (many many) books from the Chinaberry catalog out of the library — but I regularly purchase a few books from the catalog just to support their business. I believe it’s the only online business I purchase from simply to buy from them. Now, I have purchased a thing or three from  It does have selection and convenience going for it (and there’s been a time or two I’ve spent a bit extra on merchandise to push to the $25 free shipping).  Recently, however, Amazon has added something brand new that I think is about the best idea since sliced bread. Amazon has added a button that you can add to your toolbar (what you talking about ramblingmom — like we need another one of those) whereupon when you’re “shopping” at other internet websites you can add those items to your amazon wishlist, so if you have an amazon wishlist — check out the button here. FINALLY all my desires can be easily found in one place. This is great because now I can add my Chinaberry books to my amazon wishlist.

And today I got to spend someone else’s money on the Internet. We decided that it was time for Chip to have a new backpack as he starts middle school. And Princess wanted a new backpack also so since Grandma had said that she’d buy the kids backpacks for their birthdays, it was off to the backpack store, a/k/a/ Land’s End.  Back when Chip (now entering middle school) was born, we got a Land’s End backpack diaper bag.  When he entered grade school, we got a kid’s Land’s End Backpack, and when he was entering about 3rd grade we upgraded him to another Land’s End Backpack.  All above backpacks are still holding up very well thank you we’re just upgrading features (and, well, for Princess she’s never had a “new” backpack – always her brother’s hand me downs and sometimes a gal needs girl colors).

Buying the kid’s “new” backpacks doesn’t mean that the old ones will get tossed to the wayside.  We’re always looking for bags for skating or bowling or swimming or whatever.  There’s also weekend travel or Princess is going to day camp next week.  So we’ll find a use for the old bags.

But I was disappointed to discover that Land’s End no longer carries the diaper bag backpack.  I found with a regular shoulder strap on the diaper bag I was always losing the balance on the bag part and knocking my kid upside the head inadvertently.


One response to “More totally unpaid endorsements.

  1. I am glad to hear that Lands End backpacks hold up well. I have never bought one….being from Maine I have just bought LL Bean backpacks. Which I have only bought 3 since History Girl entered school…2 for History Girl and one for Horse Girl. Horse Girl needed an upgrade on her backpack and LL Bean doesn’t have horses on their backpacks, but Lands End does, so that led us to buying our first Land End backpack. Hopefully we won’t get run out of the state because of it. 🙂 Side note…we use our old LL Bean diaper bag as piece of lugage now and is still going strong. 🙂

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