Splish splash

Last Tuesday I was sitting at the pool with my nose in a book.  I looked up to see the Princess in the DEEP WATER?  I almost went up to her teacher to ask “Who are you and WHAT have you done with my daughter”?  MY daughter, in the DEEP end?

So, I then told the Princess that now that she had mastered the deep end, she could go off the diving board.  For the past week she’s been saying that she doesn’t want to go off the diving board, she’s never going off it, and she scared of it.

So, yesterday I was sitting at the pool again, this time with my pen in thank you cards, and Princess and her teacher came up to announce to me that Princess had, in fact, gone off the diving board.  Princess went again so I could see, came home and called her dad, her Aunt, her Uncle Crem, and her g-dmother.

Today I brought the camera.

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Interestingly, our neighborhood pool offers both group and private swim lessons.  Last year we missed the sign up for the group lessons and decided to sign up the kids for private lessons (which are exactly $5 more per week than *group* lessons with the local park district, and the local park district lessons are the least expensive group lessons around — so it’s not like we’re putting a bunch out of pocket to have high priced “private” lessons – it’s still quite the bargain).

This year we decided to go with private lessons again, as it works pretty well for the price, and we get to sleep 90 minutes past when we’d need to be at the pool for group lessons (there are no morning people in this house).

I’m glad we did — because somehow the teacher Princess has had has managed to get past her fear and into a bold brave girl.

Back in the summer of 2003, Chip had become comfortable in the water and I spent most of the summer sitting at the pool reading (I wanted to read the first 4 books in the Harry Potter series before Order of the Phoenix came out), and now, after 5 years, it’s finally time that I can be at the pool and not keep a constant watch on my child.

Well, I must go slather on the sunscreen.  I’m kidnapping my neighbor’s kids (she needs to get some stuff done so I”m going to empty her house)


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