Say I’m old fashioned

Hill?? What hill??? I don’t remember any hill???

My father-in-law recently passed away. As part of the post funeral duties, Spouse’s mother, sister, and Spouse split up the thank you note writing.

Today we got a call from SIL saying that we didn’t need to worry about addressing envelopes for thank you cards, as they made labels.

Call me a relic, but for some reason after people have gone out of their way to help out with the kids or give their gives of time or talents or money or just make sure to ply ramblingmom with coffee(and copies) I think I can take the 45 seconds to write a name on an envelope. I think it makes things a touch more personal.

Excuse me while I go grab my walker and touch up my gray hairs and put my Cary Grant videos in my Betamax

I’d make some comment about 8 track tapes — but man that’s for all you YOUNG folks .


3 responses to “Say I’m old fashioned

  1. My Grandma would be so proud of you! (And I mean that in a good way.)

  2. I agree that labels just don’t cut it for that sort of correspondence — they make it too clear that you’re doing it assembly line fashion.

    I’m more okay with running the envelope through the printer tho’.

  3. I really can’t imagine using printed labels for thank you notes. I’m glad you’re “old-fashioned.”

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