By jove I think I’ve got it

Last week at my father-in-law’s funeral I asked my buddy Crem for many favors (some of them involving stopping and getting me expensive coffee drinks — that’s what friends are for ). At one point I asked him to drive Auntie and Uncle MN from the funeral home to their hotel — at the same time I wanted him to drop off some stuff at Kinko’s (geographically this makes sense — since the hotel is close to Kinko’s and in relatively the same direction). So he asked me where Kinko’s was — the conversation went something like this …

Where’s Kinko’s?
It’s up on busy street — across the parking lot from Starbuck’s
Where’s Starbuck’s?
Right across the parking lot from Kinko’s (of course silly isn’t it obvious).

I guess y’all be calling on me next time your GPS breaks down, eh.

Fast forward to this week. On Thursday I had a hair appointment. Now I LOVE my hairdresser. Brilliant woman as she “gets” me and my hair. Basically I want the best looking, but lowest maintenance hairstyle. I only use a blow dryer when it’s 20 degrees or lower out, and I don’t want to get any style that needs to be shaped on a regular basis. I do go to the hairdresser regularly — HONEST — I mean I’m there every 6 months (or 12 months or 24 months). So she knows what I need and works with it. My biggest decision when I go in is to figure out how short I want to go.

So Thursday morning I start to have a conversation with Spouse about my hair. Now we’ve been married 15 years, and we dated for a long time before that and he’s a bright man. He’s got a Ph.D. so we know he’s got to have some gray matter. And he’s smart enough to know to avoid telling me what to do (so that I don’t then go and do the opposite of what he says). So Spouse was no help.

As I’m on the way to the hairdresser I get the brilliant idea to call Crem for his input. This conversation goes something like this.

Got a minute
I tried to ask Spouse his opinion about this, but he avoided the topic since he wants to stay married
I think I have a meeting
Seriously — what should I do with my hair?
What should I know … call a girlfriend.
OH good idea.

I mean I know we’re pals and he loves me and all — but sometimes I have to wonder — is the reason that he’s unattached because he’s been hanging around ME to long. And he’s figuring if this is what Spouse gets for getting married Crem just might be sensible enough to not want any part of it??

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