My life — and welcome to it.

This week I got to spend some time with DallasMom and her lovely kids (I even got to see her elusive, hard working spouse for a few moments).

One of the things we did with them was the moms and kids going to the Adler Planetarium – a great museum in Chicago you should visit if you get a chance.  There, there was an exhibit called the Milky Way Galaxy, and in that exhibit was a vortex with marbles for a description of a black hole.  The vortex had a crank and you could spin it some in order to slow the marbles running off the edge of the universe into the black hole, but no matter what you did you could NEVER keep the marbles moving, and eventually everything would run into the black hole.

Sometimes that’s just what life feels like — no matter how hard you try you can never manage to keep all the marbles spinning.


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