Music Monday (early) and national holiday announcement

I don’t know if you’ve heard. Sunday June 29 was a NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!! Did you know that?  That’s right boys and girls, June 29 was national “Stop in front of Ramblingmom” day. I guess today was the day that people decided that I’d best not ramble anywhere.

I went to pick up DallasMom and her lovely family at the airport. As I was headed there, for some unknown reason some car stopped in the automatic toll lane. After I got the Dallas folks (people driving crazy through O’hare arrivals is not noteworthy) we went to Wendy’s for lunch — when we were leaving some car was stopped in the lane of the parking lot (right next to real parking spots — I couldn’t figure out what she was up to — but now, in retrospect, she was involved in celebrating this auspicious holiday). As I drove around some side streets to get back on the road to their sleeping quarters another car was stopped at an intersection for no apparent reason.

Later, after I dropped off the family and was heading back to the minivan lane (heading west on the Eisenhower) for some unknown reason traffic came to a sudden and complete halt on the expressway (this should not be a surprise — there’s always an inexplicable tie up on the Ike — and I mean always — you could be on there at 3am on a Tuesday and there will still be a backup somewhere). And when I say “sudden” I mean SUDDEN. I had to slam on my brakes to miss the traffic — and I popped over onto the shoulder because I wasn’t quite sure the guy behind me was going to make the stop.

So after all that, I figured it must be some kind of national holiday. All for me, isn’t that sweet.

Hey — at least I know my brakes can make a quick stop from 70 mph 55 mph — the speed limit.


3 responses to “Music Monday (early) and national holiday announcement

  1. Ah, this would explain why the guy who was cutting down my damaged trees explained that he had to leave half way through the job on Friday and wasn’t sure if he’d be back on Saturday or Monday “because of the long weekend.”

  2. So it was for you that people were driving like nutzoids!! Thank you very little!

  3. Hey, of course you are going to stop on the Eisenhower. When I was in college–oh so long ago… we had the “Eisenhower Special” on Wednesdays during attitude adjustment hour. (aka happy hour) You order one drink and they bring you 3 because after all, everything on the Eisenhower was backed up–thus the drinks also backed up. 🙂 That was the night you were surely to have a drink (3) bought for you by someone.
    Ahh, I hadn’t thought about those days in years. Thanks for the walk down memory lane–

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