Music Monday (a day late) and question

I love Kermie. Always have (and always will).

Of course, these days “being green” is the hip and happening thing to do. But on my recent vacation I wondered if I’m going a bit overboard.

Now, normally I take my reusable canvas bags when I do local shopping. I’ve been known to take them to local grocery stores and to Walgreen’s and Target and other places. But this past trip I packed empty canvas bags in my car for our trip. I used some for laundry bags, but I also took them to Walgreen’s when we stopped, and even when I went shopping at the Mall of America.

So please vote — ramblingmom mom taking green bags for vacation shopping. Environmentally friendly? Or over the top crazy lady? (I must admit, I don’t think I got that many weird looks for taking bags into the Minnesota mall as I normally get in Illinois).


5 responses to “Music Monday (a day late) and question

  1. I’d do it, but I am a self identified looney liberal 😉

  2. Um, I deliberately didn’t take my reusable bags out of my car when I prepped it for our vacation.

  3. I say do it. I’ve been taking my own bags places for years and getting extreme amounts of flack for it. Now that it’s the uber-cool and popular “green” thing to do you might as well enjoy getting fewer dirty looks and confused stares from people.

  4. I grew up with my mother bringing her own bags everywhere. When I moved out on my own she bought me my own canvas bags for shopping. I like some of the more modern reuseable bags because they fold up so small and I even have one that fits in my tiny purse. We live in Maine so there are very few places that are more earthy crunchy then Maine, so I have never seen an odd look.

  5. Do you ever have enough bags while on vacation? There is always something that needs its own bag.

    I have not done the bag lady thing. My neighbor has done it for years. My kids are trying to get me to do it, but I remind them that Dad does the shopping!

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