Time for changes (Music Monday)

Later this month, we’re having a “change in latitude” — unfortunately we’re going to a higher latitude :^) (you know, the lower the latitude the better the attitude).  We’re heading to Spouse’s Aunt & Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary party.  On the way, we’re going to be stopping at the “Water Park Capitol of the World” (that would be Wisconsin Dells).  Then we’ll head to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul).  While in the area, we will likely stop at the Maul of America.  I’m not typically a fan of shopping mauls (hence the intentional misspelling), and the bigger the worse, in my opinion, however the Maul of America has two things going for it.  One of them is the fact that it has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Caribou Coffee shops.  It also has an indoor amusement park (that I”ll likely try to avoid — perhaps by heading to the Caribou Coffee Shop – but the little kids will enjoy it) and the piece de resistance

4 stories of Legos.

One tradition that I’ve started for myself when I vacation – if I know I’m staying in a hotel with an in room coffee pot (and if I’m driving) then I always take my own coffee.  Now, in my normal life, I get whole bean coffee (from Trader Joe’s – and it’s always shade grown, organic, and fair trade — which limits my selections dramatically – but I do feel as though the rain forest is slightly more important than my personal caffeine intake).  But, when I go on vacation I need to either buy ground coffee, or pregrind my coffee.  Something that I started doing years ago was buying a special brand of coffee when I go on vacation.  Now most people might think of “special” coffee as pure Kona, or pure Jamaican Blue Mountain.  Not me, when I get “change in latitude” coffee I get coffee that reminds me of a very specific place (and latitude).  So no matter where I’m going, when I go I take a little bit of beignet with me.  It’s just what vacation “tastes” like to me.


One response to “Time for changes (Music Monday)

  1. Funny – we’re also off to an aunt & uncle’s 50th anniversary party! Must have been a lot of June weddings back in 1958.

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