Strong, invincible, resourceful

Today is another successful day.

My daughter is incredibly disorganized.  We’ve spent the past few weeks unsuccessfully looking for her bathing suit.  Finally this morning I had an idea.  We have a neighbor with two daughters, both a bit older (and larger) than Princess.  I called the neighbor with my plight, sent me daughter over, and VOILA problem solved.  (And I’m sure that I’ll now find the missing swimsuit in the next day or two.  I find it easy to find things once I stop looking).

This morning my son wakes me with the news that our range clock says “F9.”  I go and hit “clear” and then we have the clock with the word “lock” in small red letters.  I also come to find that I can’t open the oven door.

So I poke around on the Internet and see stuff about possibly having to replace the clock mechanism or something.  I then do what sometimes (but not always – but often enough) works with electronic problems — I unplug the range and wait about an  hour.  I plug it back in and VOILA.

Two questions remain

1) what’s the the cows in the above video??

2) Is there ANY previous decade that had GOOD fashion sense?


One response to “Strong, invincible, resourceful

  1. I’d like to know where the hell she was going? She never stopped walking during that whole video? Did she ever get there? I’m wondering because it looks like she’s just walking around in circles.

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