Thanks Edwina

Back in the 1950s, baby formula was all the rage. After all, it was “modern” and “scientific” so what more could you want for your babies.

Meanwhile – in Illinois a few moms got together and helped each other nurse their babies, and helped other moms (and they told two friend and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on).

In the past 52 years, La Leche League has helped — directly or indirectly — most of the nursing moms.

This morning, Edwina Froehlich died at age 93. She, and the other founders, have left quite a legacy.

Breastmilk — the only food that hasn’t had a price increase in 52 years!!!!

3 responses to “Thanks Edwina

  1. In my google reader, the pretty La Leche League video comes up as a still photo of a weird guy with a handlebar moustache. Very freaky.

    Love this post. La Leche League was berry berry good to me.

  2. Edwina has a mustache???

  3. Yeah – what TXPoppet said! Very odd how that came up in the Reader with the picture of a man!!

    Quite a legacy worth honoring though.

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