Go ahead — prove me wrong

So I had this brilliant idea at about 5:30 a.m. (and nothing today has convinced me that it’s not a brilliant idea).

Yesterday Obama appointed a team to help him pick a running mate, and the team includes Caroline Kennedy.

Somehow this information bubbled around in my brain overnight and I woke with a brilliant idea for a running mate for him.

He’d LOVE to have the media on his side, so finding a person with good media connections would be a plus.

He needs to attract the female vote — especially the older women that backed Hillary.

He needs to crossover and find someone that would carry appeal for the undecideds and the moderate Republicians.

He needs to find someone that appeals to the “old school” (i.e. Kennedy) Democrats.

YEP — Maria Shriver. She even contributed to Obama’s campaign (the only non family member she’s ever contributed to).

You get the media, you get the old democrats, you get the Republicans (I understand she’s sleeping with someone from the ‘other side’ of the aisle), and you get the ladies.

OH — and since Obama is (supposedly) Muslim — she can bring in the Christian vote cause she’s Catholic.

It’ll never happen — but if it does remember – YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!!!


2 responses to “Go ahead — prove me wrong

  1. I must admit, she would be a great choice! However, I doubt that she would agree to do it.

  2. LOL!! I love how your mind works! Yes, she would be great – and then there is the Oprah connection since she and Oprah are such close friends. Not that Oprah doesn’t already love Obama 🙂 Great idea. No, she wont do it, but you are right about all those constituencies she would represent well.

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