I must scratch you

Okay — after putting up the poor abused poodles, and finding out about the tortures poor Henri has endured, I feel that it’s only fitting to show you what this poor animal has had to go through.  I’m sure all the other cats and the cat playground are laughing at him.

Yeah Calvin — YOU ARE MEAN!!!


2 responses to “I must scratch you

  1. Scratch away . . . Meanwhile, I will await my royalty check for each hit you receive on this post. It will add up fast if you add the words “lion” and “cut” to your post. If you do, you may want to set up a monthly electronic transfer!$!$! Thanks to Heidilou for the referral! Your referral fee check is in the mail.

  2. I just happened upon your blog after doing an animal-rescue related search. Just wanted to say hi!

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