New blog title proposition

No – I didn’t get rid of the minivan. I’m just thinking I should change the title to Life in Lake Wobegon because all of the children are above average.

Or at least one of them is, as observed by Kingore (or as recommended by teachers using characteristics identified in the Kingore Observation Inventory — which might mean something to some of the teachers that read this).

I received a letter from school today that needs to be signed and sent back. Actually, technically it wasn’t from “school” but from the school DISTRICT. Seems Chip has been “recommended for placement” in Project IDEA Plus, the district’s gifted magnet program. An excerpt from the district website …

District 203 Gifted Magnet Program (Project IDEA +)

Grade 4-8

The gifted magnet program is designed for the top two percent of the population in grades four through eight. The fourth and fifth grade students participating in this multiage program attend either _________ Elementary or ___________ Elementary. The program for students in grades six through eight is located at _______ Junior High School.

Students participate in enriched and accelerated self-contained classes in a humanities strand, which includes the literacy strands integrated with District ___ social science content. The mathematics and science strand includes high school algebra at the seventh-grade level, honors geometry at the eighth-grade level, and freshman level conceptual physics.

EXCUSE ME???? “Freshman level conceptual physics” DANG I hope he’s planning on asking dad for help with the homework.

I’ve had my fingers crossed for this since he did some testing back in April. On the one hand it’s a great program geared toward students “having talents and or gifts which may be best met in a unique classroom setting.” Which, basically means that it will be challenging and educational for him.

On the other hand (and this is petty, I admit) my “pseudo” niece (which is the G-ddaughter of my BIL) got accepted into this program midway through last year. I have NO IDEA why, but my SIL has been somewhat insufferable about it. You should hear her going on about how brilliant this child is (blah blah blah PI+ blah blah blah top 2% blah blah blah — she sounds just like the adults on a Peanuts cartoon), and it’s not her child, it’s not a child that’s related to her …. so I can’t figure out why SIL seems to take a personal joy out of this. (It’s kinda weird — just last week Gpa told her to drop it — you know someone has gone too far when Gpa speaks up – cause he doesn’t say much.) Anyway — this might shut her up some since then Kaylee won’t be such an oddity in the “extended family” anymore.

And now, for my theme song starting next fall when Chip asks for someone to help with his homework.


2 responses to “New blog title proposition

  1. Hey, congrats to Chip!! And..LOL….um..yeah…Sportsboy is one test away from qualifying for honors Algebra in 7th grade. He was enrolled in the GATE math program after last year’s state math testing. I have not been able to help him with his homework in the last couple of months and next year…ACK!

  2. Congrats to Chip!

    Welcome to my life, I haven’t been able to help Peanut with math since 6th or 7th grade. Not so much because she’s a math whiz, but because I’m that bad at it. That’s “Dad’s” subject area!

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