GREAT!!! Cause we really needed that.

Disney is coming out with yet another cute animal movie.  This time it’s about Chihuahuas.

Remember the Dalmations (discussed here in a CNN article)

“A lot of people would like to hold Disney responsible,” said Channer. “But the SPCA-LA thinks the burden of responsibility belongs to parents. Just because your kid screams, ‘Oh, I want one! I want one!’ when they see these cute puppies in a movie, doesn’t mean you have to go and indulge that wish. The parent needs to be responsible enough to say, ‘You know what? You can get a stuffed one now, and in six months we’ll see about getting a real one.'”

Cause, you know, every time one of MY kids says “I want it I want it” I always give in tell them they can do whatever they want when they are the adult and paying the bills.

I love the closing statement from the article:

“People are like that with all kinds of animals; they make impulse buys,” said Schneider. “They want to buy a certain bird because it will look pretty in the cage. They want Chihuahuas because of the Chihuahua in the Taco Bell commercial. And they expect the dog they get to be trained like the one on TV.”

“It sometimes makes you wonder: Which one is the dumb animal?”

WHY oh WHY can’t Disney do a movie about cute, wonderful, brave, intelligent, MUTTS AND SHELTER PETS!!!!! I’m just saying.  Now, in all likelihood I’ll probably take my kids to see the movie.  And then, at Christmas when (especially the Princess) the begging for a Chihuahua starts …

But really, all that said you have GOT to watch the video.  (And I”ll stop later and look for the WEbkinz Chihuahua — is that retired??)

One response to “GREAT!!! Cause we really needed that.

  1. I think Disney already did a movie, a long time ago, about mutts and shelter dogs. Remember Lady and the Tramp?

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