Movie line Friday

Okay – I couldn’t decide whether this should go to movie line Friday, or Music Monday. I decided to stick it here cause —– well why not.

I’ve seen lots of remakes in my time. Remakes of movies and television shows. Most often I’d have to say that I enjoy the original much more than the remake. Years ago (1981) there was a BBC TV Series of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Then, in 2005 a film version was released. I had a hunch that I would not enjoy the film as much as the television series, and I was correct. I can’t say anything against any of the actors, but they just didn’t fit my vision (of course, part of my vision might have been made by the folks in the original TV series – so the movie started out with a distinct handicap). I wouldn’t say the film was necessarily bad, I’d probably say it was “mostly harmless.” It was missing quite a bit though. The remarkable voice of Peter Jones as the book. The Marvin in the movie just couldn’t match the Marvin in the series. The series had a major advantage in that had over an extra hour of running time. And let’s face it – I could always find an interest in different body parts of young Dr. Farnon who only had a bit part (or is that a “bite part”?).   There was, however, one bit (not bite) in the film that I considered outstanding. I thought this segment truly met Douglas Adams’ original vision for the series. You know, it really took to heart the overall message about how precious our planet is and how important it is to be involved in local politics. I don’t think this was adequately represented in the book, or the radio series, or the TV series. It wasn’t until the 2004 film that the ultimate expression was found.

(and I also think this can count as my nablopomo for today — because after all, it is a quotation.


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