Fuzz versus pup

A boy can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, layalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down.
Robert Benchley

It often amazes me that there are adults in the world that fall for the age old line “MOM, DAD, let’s get a dog/cat/other.  I PROMISE I’ll take care of it.”

Personally, I know this is a load of bunk.  I know that a child at any age is unlikely to be able to make a lifetime commitment to a pet.  This is why Spouse and I assume that whenever we bring a pet into the house *we* are going to be the primary caregivers.

I was formerly in the tax business.  I just came off the tax season so I’ve spent the last four months not brushing fuzzybutt.  So, the other day when I went to try to groom the poor pup I had a load of mangled matty fuzz.  Since we like to take him to the groomer before summer sets in to get his coat thinned, I took him earlier this week.  And since there are places that can turn fur into yarn, I asked the groomer to save the fur.

So Princess and I come home from the groomer, and we meet Mr. Ex-Cop and Mrs. Greenthumb walking their chihuahua.  I take Fuzzybutt out and he and the micropup are playing (I don’t think either of the dogs really realizes that there’s a size difference that’s a factor of 10). Princess then goes to the minivan and grabs the bag of dog fur to show Mr. Ex-Cop and Mrs. Greenthumb.  I find it pretty amusing that the amount of fur that came off Fuzzybutt in one grooming session is about equal in volume to the size of micropup.

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