On the lighter side.

I have igoogle as my home page, and one of the things I have is the WikiHow  Sometimes I even look at it.  Well, one of today’s “how tos” was How to Make a Cat Bed from an Old Sweater.  You can click the link to read it, if you like.  It’s really fairly simple and they list 6 steps.

I’m debating (what with it being a Wiki and all and therefore with the ability to edit) whether or not I should go in.  Because it seems to me that they forgot one step.

Step 6 is … Give it to your favorite puppy/kitten ……

Step 7 Forget all of the above because kitten is going to sleep on the brand new sweater anyway.  Especially if kitty is shedding and sweater is Dry Clean Only.  Course it’s your own dang fault for getting Dry Clean Only clothes if you have a pet.


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