Movie line Caturday

Did I tell you about my family?  I decided I needed to lose some weight, and after much research I decided to go with the South Beach Diet.  My family, well they have been incredibly somewhat completely useless.  For instance, Spouse — he will never live without carbs, and I believe he thinks that whole grain breads and brown rice are a plot to overthrow the world.  My daughter has been telling me that I need to lose weight for some time now.  Well, the first two weeks of South Beach are basically “sugar free.”  So I’ve told her that we can’t even think about walking down the candy aisle (her favorite) right now.  On day two, as we were at the store, she was telling me how good I look and that I don’t need to diet anymore.  This was repeated later in the week on another trip to the store.  (I didn’t fall for it).

And my son, my own flesh and blood.  Well I must admit he has totally stepped up to the plate on this one.  The other day he told me that he wanted me to be healthy and live a long life ……

so he can borrow money from me when I’m 90.

I mentioned my family in the same breathe as miracles in an earlier post.  Well yep — it’s a MIRACLE I’ve let them all live this long.

Airplane! — the wrong week to quit


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