The (W)right Reverend Revisited

My pal tpgoddess wrote an intelligent, thought provoking post about the controversy revolving around Obama and his former Pastor. I was encouraged to comment on that — but figured my comments were longer than a sentence or two, so I decided to make a separate blog post. You can link back to her original post here so you can see where this is coming from.

C, the one comment that I would love to agree with is this …

Plus, when I look at the people in my life for whom religion IS a large part (my parents and many friends), I see that it is the basic religion and church *community* that is important. Not any one minister or pastor. Now, I understand that at Obama’s church the head pastor and founder of that particular branch will naturally be a huge influence. Still, this is not brain washing. It’s a Sunday sermon. I am sure everyone who regularly attends church has heard things that they don’t agree with and would never attempt to absorb in their lives.

But I can’t agree. I will say that most likely, for your parents and your friends (and certainly for the majority of our mutual friends that are religious) I would say that this holds true. Unfortunately, it’s a large country.

I was brought up Roman Catholic. Now I’m sure this isn’t true for all Catholics, but the way I was raised the Priest was always right – and if there were two Priests that were contradicting each other they were still both always right. I’m sure that attitude played a large part in the scandals that the Catholic church has had recently. “The Priest is always right, even if he’s fondling you and making you feel uncomfortable.

Then let’s not forget the wonderful folks that have brought us The Creation Museum. Ah yes, man and dinosaur roamed the planet together, and not too long ago at that.

Finally, sad but true there are still quite a few Christians in this country that believe in Biblical Literacy (the books of the Bible are always right — even when the contradict each other they are both — or all three – or all four — always right).

I don’t know the statistics, I don’t know how many people in this country believe that their (Priest, Bible, Pastor) is always completely correct. I do think it’s a scary high number (I know I saw a statistic of the number of people that believe creation over evolution and it’s frightening). And I could easily see the people that believe that the words of their Bible/Pastor/whatever are unfailingly TRUE would also assume that Obama would consider the words of Obama’s Pastor unfailingly true.

Christina, I’ve known you for 12 years. You’re an incredibly bright, intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable person. It may very well be beyond you to comprehend the (non) thought processes of your average lemming. You’ve been hanging out on DailyKos too long. You actually are beginning to believe that most Americans are capable of original, intelligent thought.


4 responses to “The (W)right Reverend Revisited

  1. LOL!! Ok, I stand corrected 🙂 Though I did start out by saying that I was viewing this through my own personal filters…which probably did give too much credit to everyone. However, I DO believe that Barack Obama IS capable of intelligent and original thought! Especially having just finished his first book.

  2. Oh, and why does YOUR post have a series of Possibly Related and MINE does not??? Sheesh! Word press is discriminating against me 🙂

  3. I believe that Obama is capable of original thoughts. But I fear that his (or anyone’s) ability to get elected doesn’t hinge on what thinking Americans think. It depends more on what the lemmings believe. And, unfortunately, the media can control the lemmings.

    As for the possibly related — maybe WordPress discriminates against you because you’re an intelligent and original thinker. We can’t have those folks around controlling our country now, can we.

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