Music Monday — week one

I was thinking of having some type of weekly theme thing going here, and I like the sound of Music Monday — we’ll see whether this keeps up more than one week or so.

Last week I discussed water and posted this You Tube video. Looking at some of the videos on the Tom Lehrer wisdom channel was entertaining (and educational — it is the Tom Lehrer wisdom channel after all) and I go to thinking (often dangerous).

I am neither a geek or a physicist (this is good, as I’m a much better “taker aparter” than a “putter togetherer” which is one of the reasons Crem is my best friend), but I’ve heard tell of the Large Hadron Collider over there in Europe. It’s supposed to be perfectly safe (just check out what they say on the website) but there are those that have expressed doubts

OKAY — perhaps a UserFriendly cartoon isn’t much to get worked up over. But really, there’s not a heck of a lot I can do about it either way except say C’est la vie (see how I worked that French term in there). It does give me an excuse to post this YouTube video for my first music Monday.

Just as a friendly reminder that if the earth does get eaten up by a ginormous (and ginormous is an actual word as of 2007) black hole, well then at least my shoulder will stop hurting. Or, in the immortal words of Governor Arnie

Hasta la vista baby


One response to “Music Monday — week one

  1. CERNs web site states that we have not been destroyed by effects of cosmic rays and micro black holes will evaporate.

    However, cosmic rays travel too fast to be captured by Earths gravity, while collider particles smash head on and can be captured by Earths gravity. Einsteins relativity theory predicts that micro black holes will not decay but instead only grow, and Hawking Radiation contradicts relativity, is unproven and is credibly disputed by at least 3 peer reviewed studies.

    The LHC Safety Assessment Group has been trying for months to prove safety without success. However science may still be a few years away from being able to prove safety or not.

    Professor Dr. Otto E. Roessler, Theorist Dr. Raj Baldev and others are warning of a very real, very possible danger to the planet from the Large Hadron Collider.

    If this experiment is so safe, why arent CERN scientists allowed to express any personal fears they might have about this Collider?

    Alleged in the legal action: Chief Scientific Officer, Mr. Engelen passed an internal memorandum to workers at CERN, asking them, regardless of personal opinion, to affirm in all interviews that there were no risks involved in the experiments, changing the previous assertion of minimal risk. (Statisticians generally consider minimal risk as 1-10%).

    If we delay for a safety study, some scientists at CERN may not be the first to discover some new science, and some Nobel prizes may be at stake.
    But which would more wise, conduct a full and independent adversarial safety study first, or just turn it on now and discover science as quickly as humanly possible?


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