Frankly my dear (O’Reilly) I don’t give a …

Spouse is a news junkie. Worse, far worse, than being a news junkie, he’s a Fox Faux News junkie. Many times I’ve been tempted to “cut the cord” so to speak (that would be the cable line).

Last night, he was (as always) watching O’Reilly (between the radio show and the TV show and the constant replays during the day, is there any time of the day or night that you can’t find O’Reilly somewhere on the airwaves???).

Anyway, last night Bill was on his high horse about Rev. Wright’s (Obama’s former Pastor) new house

Price tag being close to $1.6M.

Bill was talking to one of the Faux correspondents in Chicago and was wondering whether the Chicago media was all over this load of dribble important news story, and the Chicago Faux correspondent said that, in fact, the Chicago media was not all over this news item.

Something that has been covered (albeit not as much as it should be) by the Chicago media is the situation in the Chicago Public schools. During this school year, 24 Chicago Public School students have been killed, 21 of those were killed by gunfire. Click here to find some of the articles reported in the Chicago Tribune.

Am I nuts to think that it’s somehow more important to find out how the candidates feel about inner city violence than it is to worry about how former associates are currently living???


One response to “Frankly my dear (O’Reilly) I don’t give a …

  1. As much as we comment on our own particular brands of insanity…NO, you are the not the one who is nuts – THAT distinction belongs to the morons on the TV (like O’Reilly, who, I think, is their King) who claim to be covering the news.

    Nice to hear that the local Chicago newsies have escaped that.

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