Hmmm I wonder if there’d be a sponsorship opportunity

I was looking at this article about the brouhaha over Obama and the flag and not having the proper stance during the playing of the National Anthem and such. And ran across this satirical comment (do not quote Obama as saying this) about Obama’s beliefs about the Pledge and the National Anthem.

In a satirical column, political columnist John Semmens said that it was Obama’s opinion that the national anthem was too “bellicose” and should be replaced by something gentler like “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”

And all I can think of is this — if we replaced the National Anthem with “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” will we also sell off sponsorship rights??

I’d like to buy the world a Coke …

Think how many tax cuts we could get if every time the National Anthem was played (every single baseball game) Coke had to give the U.S. treasury a cut.

(I hear that BP is going to change their name because they think they just might be able to make a sale… United States of Amoco anyone??)

So anyway, the Dean of the College of Cardinals had a meeting with the Marketing VP of Aneheuser Busch.  The conversation went something like this

A-B Rep: But it’s only one word

Pointy-hat guy: This is a sacred text, it can not be changed these are the words of Jesus himself.

A-B Rep: But Father, if you just change the wording to “give us this day our daily beer” we will give you 5 million dollars a year.

Pointy-hat guy: I’m sorry, but this can not be done.


Pointy-hat guy: Your Eminence, when does our contract with Interstate Bakeries run out?

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