Be sure it’s true when you say “I love you”

I’m not an Oprah follower. I don’t watch every Oprah show, I rarely read the magazine, I’m just not a typical Big Oprah Fan. She’s a bright woman, I admire her and the many things that she’s done, but I don’t set my life, or my schedule, around the Oprah show. But, as I mentioned the other day, I’d heard that she was having a show on puppy mills.

My family has a wonderful collie. This collie has issues with his digestive tract, and does well on a certain kind of dog food that can only be purchased through some pet stores (not all pet stores – and not the corner grocery). Spouse and I have gone a round or two on the fact that I don’t want to buy the food from the pet store that is 3.6 miles from my house (and really rather on our “stomping grounds” being between our chiropractor and our house) but I’d rather buy the food from a pet store that is 12.8 miles from our house. “Why can’t we buy from nearbypetshop” he asks “because they sell puppies” I reply. Now, as I usually do the pet food purchasing I usually win this debate — but the fact is that he never really understood why I blatantly refuse to spent money at nearbypetshop.

So, last week for all my getting emails and sending out a blog about watching Oprah on Friday. I completely forgot about it until about 2 minutes before Oprah started, so I called Spouse and told him to record Oprah.

Unlike ramblingmom, Spouse is a TV addict, and if he’s got something on a video tape, he’ll watch it. As schedules would have it, he watched the show before I did and now


He finally gets it.

Thank you Oprah.


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