1. Some relationships are meant to be difficult.
2. If’s Christmas Concert (at Daniel’s Den) is the last concert I saw; it was uplifting. (If (click here for info) is a local contemporary Christian group.
3. Spring should be Frickin’ here already. As I was leaving church last evening I was commenting to a friend of mine that the reason it’s called “Spring Break” in Illinois is so that you get a chance to leave town cause you gotta go somewhere ELSE to find spring.
4. Oh no! I forgot stack returns!
5. I’ve recently started knitting. (Well, last fall, I figure that’s recent)
6. Crem or KC rubbing my shoulders never fails to make me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to dinner, tomorrow my plans include I haven’t planned tomorrow yet (maybe I’ll clean the kitched up so that …) and Sunday, I want to make a nice dinner for my family!

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