Did you know that today is Pi day?  What’s pi day you wonder?  Well, it’s March 14 — which means 3/14 or 3.14  (3.14159 …………………………………………………)

Some ideas to celebrate this festive occasion …

  1. Make and eat a tourtiere (French Canadian meat pie)
  2. Find a spinach pie (wonderful greek treat)
  3. Memorize pi to 100 digits (as if)
  4. Watch this video (I can’t be certain if they cried when irrationality was realized)
  5. Visit the Pi day website (would I kid you about a thing like that)
  6. Have some quiche
  7. And, if along the way someone asks you what you’d like for dessert, just remember this palindrome “I prefer pi


2 responses to “HAPPY PI DAY!!!

  1. Costco in SW FL must be in on Pi Day. They were demo’ing Spinach Pie in the Costco Buffet (our name for sample row).

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